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If you’re looking for a year-round green lawn that won’t let you down, Canada Green Grass Seed is the one to shoot for. Notable for its bright green blades, it has engendered many a joke about making the neighbors green with envy! Har har. But seriously … its good stuff.

Canada Green Grass Seed was especially formulated to work in a wide range of growing conditions, from hot to cold climates, heavy to light soils, various light conditions, as well as many types of use (such as a statement piece only versus withstanding foot traffic, pets, games and more). If you’re looking for a complete review of this product and helpful words from consumers who’ve tried it, keep reading.


Canada Green Grass Seed’s main purpose is to come up quickly and be as green as possible year round, throughout a range of growing conditions. Most customers say it achieves that purpose. Its other special features include:

  • Scientifically formulated
  • Germinates, sprouts and comes up quickly to fill in bare patches faster and more effectively
  • Green grass eliminates unsightly brown and yellow spots on the lawn
  • Stays green in any climate, from 40 below to the highs of summer (topping out at 120 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Tolerates shade
  • Withstands heavy foot traffic without browning or dying
  • Adaptable to a wide range of soils, from sand to clay to in-between
  • Covers 1,000 square feet per 2 pounds

These features and other perks led to many happy customers. Here’s what they had to say:


Canada Green Grass Seed is one of the quickest-sprouting grasses on the market, just as the product advertises, leading to a rich full lawn in a short amount of time. Other major benefits include the fact that it:

  • Is one of the absolute greenest grass seed products you can buy
  • Comes up fully green in fewer than two weeks, some say as early one week or less
  • Covers thousands of feet in the 6-pound quantity in which it ships
  • Works well for many types of climate and yard
  • Doesn’t require tons of water to look good once established
  • Does not require fertilization or topsoil
  • Maintains its looks and continues to grow all year
  • Met all advertising claims, especially the part about growing quickly, as long as you keep it well watered at all times
  • Leads to lots of compliments!


Of course, a few customers were dissatisfied with the product. Their main concerns had to do with the product not performing as advertised. For instance, they claimed it did not:

  • Germinate as expected
  • Smother weeds as it was supposed to
  • Grow particularly green
  • Do well in high heat

Mostly, though, customers were happy with the adaptability of the grass, its germination rate and the speedy growth.

What Do Customers Have to Say?

This product is amazing. My husband swears by it and the price was great. Just have to water it daily for beautiful results. Truly makes your neighbors GREEN with envy!!!!!...Gigi – Read the Review on Amazon

We are very satisfied with our purchase of seed, it is the second batch of seed that we have brought and our lawn is doing quite well and very green. It took about 10 days for it to come up very green . I am going to do the same with our back yard...Amazon Customer – Read the Review on Amazon

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We hope this review has helped you to feel more informed about your choices when it comes to buying grass seed to beautify your home and garden. If you have questions, comments, experiences or any other thoughts you wish to share with our readers, please feel free to leave your comments in the field below.

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