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Ultimate Guide To Bermuda Grass Seed

By Matt Hagens

Bermuda grass is one of the most popular warm season choices for athletic fields, lawns and golf courses across the country. Its fine texture, thick growth and vibrant green color make it the perfect choice for individuals living in the southern states. This type of grass is native to Africa and prefers warm seasonal temperatures […]

Ultimate Guide To Zoysia Grass Seed

By Matt Hagens

Zoysia grass seed is an extremely durable ground cover. The blades of this type of grass are extremely stiff, giving lawns that are planted with it a spongy feeling similar to that of thick, plush carpet. It is a common choice for groundskeepers at professional golf courses for use on teeing areas and fairways. Like […]

Ultimate Guide To St. Augustine Grass Seed

By Matt Hagens

St. Augustine grass is a hardy variety of ground cover that performs extremely well in the southern and gulf coast states. It is well suited to the humidity and handles high temperatures very well. This type of grass seed produces thick, green lawns with a soft, carpet like feel. It is ideal for both golf […]

Ultimate Guide to Buffalo Grass Seed

By Matt Hagens

Buffalo grass is an extremely sturdy plant that can be used for turf, ground cover and meadows. It is native to the United States and grows abundantly in areas west of the Mississippi River. It can be found in almost every area of the United States and Canada where there is moderate to warm temperatures […]