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Our Complete Guide To Spreaders

By Matt Hagens

Lawn spreaders come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different features. Each type of spreader works well for different types of jobs. Some are designed to cover large areas, while others work well for smaller sections. Spreaders can be used for almost any type of granular material including: Grass SeedFertilizerIce MeltSeed and Feed […]

Our Guide To Handheld Spreaders

By Matt Hagens

Many homeowners choose to take care of lawn issues on their own instead of paying landscaping companies large sums of money. Reseeding small areas of grass that have started to thin out due to high traffic or shade or spreading seed on newly created lawn space can be easily accomplished by using a small handheld grass […]

Our Guide To Pull and Tow Behind Spreaders

By Matt Hagens

Pull behind spreaders are ideal for spreading grass seed, fertilizer or combinations of both on large areas of lawns, meadows or sports fields. They are designed to broadcast seed over a large area in a relatively short amount of time. Most are designed to attach easily to lawn and garden tractors or ATV’s. What to […]

Our Guide To Broadcast Spreaders

By Matt Hagens

Landscapers use various tools when reseeding or planting grass seed. For small areas, where precision is required a handheld spreader is the best option. For larger areas, broadcast and drop style spreaders allow a person to cover large areas of lawn in just a few passes. Spreaders can also be attached to four wheelers, ATV’s […]

Our Guide To Drop Spreaders

By Matt Hagens

Drop spreaders are simple machines that serve their purpose extremely well when used correctly. They can be used to spread a variety of substances, including: Grass SeedFertilizerSeed and Feed MixturesIce MeltSand They work just as their name suggests. As they are pushed along, seeds are dropped straight down through holes in the bottom of the […]