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Earthway 2030PPlus Deluxe Lawn & Garden Spreader Review

There are several different sizes and types of broadcast spreaders on the market. Before one is chosen, several things need to be taken into consideration. The size of the lawn, the materials to be used and the space available for storage can all impact the final decision. Cost can also be a factor, especially if the spreader will be used several times throughout the year. If a spreader is needed that must perform several functions and last for several years, it may be a good idea to spend a little more money and get one that can withstand the test of time.


The Earthway 2030PPlus Deluxe Lawn & Garden Spreader has several features that make it well worth the investment. Along with being easy to use, the Earthway 2030PPlus is constructed out of durable materials and comes with a money back guarantee. It also has:

  • A spread pattern that distributes from 6 to 10 feet
  • Large hopper that has a 65 pound capacity
  • 9″ x 4″ pneumatic wheels
  • Comes fully assembled

The Earthway 2030PPlus Deluxe Spreader has large wheels give it the ability to traverse over almost any type of terrain without tipping or leaning. The overall design of the spreader allows it to empty completely during each use. It is easy to clean and compact enough to store almost anywhere.


Earthway takes pride in offering top quality products that are well made and easy to maintain. Each spreader is durable and constructed to last for several years. The wide wheels provide excellent control over all types of terrain. It is easy to maneuver around objects and evenly distributes any product that is placed in the hopper. It has an adjustable mechanism that allows the user to set the rate and speed of distribution.

Consumers that offered reviews on the Earthway 2030PPlus Deluxe Spreader claimed to like the large hopper as well as the easy handling. They were also happy with how easy it was to clean and store the spreader after each use. When dry materials were used, clean up was extremely easy. Materials that tended to collect moisture had to be thoroughly rinsed with a hose and the spreader allowed to dry before it could be properly stored. Overall the majority of the reviews of the product were very positive in spite of a few small exceptions.


Although most of the reviews of the Earthway 2030PPlus Deluxe Spreader were positive there were a few that had legitimate complaints. One of the biggest issues had to do with the lack of an edge or back guard. The fact that the seed (or whatever material was being used) was allowed to be spread freely in all directions caused back spray to hit the legs and feet of the operator. This was a complaint that was registered in several of the reviews and, often times, was the only one listed.

There were also a few complaints listed that discussed the short height of the handle and how it impacted the ability of the user to work the settings and controls determining the rate of spread. This, and the lightweight construction of the gearbox covered the majority of other complaints listed against the product.


The consumer reviews of the Earthway 2030PPlus Deluxe Lawn & Garden Spreader were mixed, but for the most part, many customers said they would continue to use the product. While not overly expensive, the product did not seem to live up to the consumer’s expectations in regards to its quality versus the purchase price. One thing the spreader did have on its side was the positive reviews about good customer service. In some cases, that was the most positive aspect of the review.

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