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Earthway 2050P Estate 80-Pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader Review

Broadcast spreaders are designed to distribute a variety of materials. Grass seed, fertilizer, ice melt, sand and lime are all materials that will spread easily when put in a broadcast spreader. Walk behind broadcast spreaders work well for medium to small size lawns, although they will adequately cover larger areas if the person wants to put in the extra effort of pushing over a long distance. Many walk behind spreaders are light weight and can be stored without taking up a lot of extra space.


The Earthway 2050P 80-pound Walk Behind Broadcast Spreader has several features that make it worth the cost. It has large 10-inch tires with deep tread that helps to stabilize it while moving over hilly or bumpy ground. The larger tires keep it from tipping or veering to one side as the load moves through the hopper. The spreader is built with a heavy duty metal frame that works well when supporting the extra large, 80-pound capacity hopper. As with other Earthway spreaders, it comes with the Ev-N-Spred distribution system that guarantees accuracy and uniform distribution no matter what material is being applied.

Earthway has a reputation for offering excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff that will help you determine the distribution and spread rate for whatever type of material being applied. Although questions have been raised about the reliability of the company’s warranties, many people have purchased and used their products without issue.


The Earthway Walk Behind Broadcast Spreader’s large tires make the spreader extremely easy to move no matter what type of ground it must travel over. In addition to its ability to travel easy over any terrain, there are also several other positive benefits reported by satisfied customers. They include:

  • Uniform distribution and coverage from start to finish
  • Precision settings that can be calibrated for almost any distribution rate
  • Smooth traveling over rough and bumpy areas
  • Streamlined hopper that empties completely leaving behind little to no unused product
  • Compact and lightweight making clean up and storage extremely easy

Although reviews contained both positive and negative comments, the majority of customers were satisfied and were willing to recommend the spreader and other Earthway products to their friends and relatives who were interested in learning more about it.


One of the most common complaints with the Earthway Walk Behind Broadcast Spreader had to do with the cheaply constructed impeller. It was reported that it warped easily, especially after having been stored for several months. Replacement parts were of the same poorly constructed material and eventually did the same thing as the original.

Another common issue had to do with the height of the handle. Individuals who were taller than average, normally those who are 6′ or taller, had problems handling the spreader due to the short height of the handle. It became extremely uncomfortable for them to push the spreader, especially when it was fully loaded with product.

Unlike spreaders from other manufacturers, Earthway products do not have an edge guard to keep materials from being thrown back onto the operator or away from sidewalks, flower beds and patios. One of the biggest concerns in this respect was the fact that the operator normally ended up with a fair amount of the product covering their lower legs and shoes. It also caused problems when approaching flower beds and sidewalks. Depending on the type of material being distributed, accuracy is of the utmost importance.


The majority of reviews for the Earthway 2050P 80-pound Walk Behind Broadcast Spreader were positive. The company has several products in this particular line all having fairly positive reviews. There were several concerns, however, that did hold merit when discussing the overall construction and design of the product.

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