How To Choose The Best ATV Spreader

In order to choose the best ATV spreader for your lawn care purposes, the spreader first needs to be defined. The simplest version of this kind of lawn or farm implement is called a broadcast seeder or broadcast spreader.

Our ATV Spreader Comparison Chart

Buyers ATVS100 100-Pound 12-Volt Electric ATV Broadcast Spreader with Rain Cover

BuyersATV Spreader100 lbs.

Buyers ATVS15A 15-Gallon ATV Broadcast Spreader With Rain Cover

BuyersATV Spreader15 gals.

Moultrie Food Plot Spreader

MoultrieATV Spreader50 lbs.

Moultrie ATV Spreader with Electric Feedgate

MoultrieATV Spreader100 lbs.

Swisher 10272 ATV Seeder Spreader

Swisher Mower & Machine CompanyATV Spreader150 lbs.

Receiver Mount Spreader, 125 lb

Field TuffATV Spreader125 lbs.

Moultrie ATV Spreader with Push Gate

MoultrieATV Spreader100 lbs.

ATV Spreader, 99 lb. Cap

FimcoATV Spreader99 lbs.

On Time 22000 Bumper Buddy ATV

On TimeATV Spreader60 lbs.

Moose Racing ATV Spreader ATV-DMS-12V

Moose RacingATV Spreader100 lbs.

Fimco 5301845 spreader (5301845)

FimcoATV Spreader2.2 cu. Ft.
Not Rated
ATV Spreader 100 lb. Cap

EarthwayATV Spreader100 lbs.
Not Rated
Buyers ATVS100 100-Pound 12-Volt Electric ATV Broadcast Spreader with Rain Cover Garden, Lawn, Supply, Maintenance

HOME-OUTDOORATV Spreader100 lbs.
Not Rated
Westward 10F639 ATV Spreader, 125 Lbs Cap

WestwardATV Spreader125 lbs.
Not Rated
Moose Racing ATV Spreader

Moose RacingATV Spreader145 lbs.
Not Rated
Cycle Country 4S Spreader

Cycle CountryATV Spreader150 lbs.
Not Rated
King Kutter ATV Seeder/Spreader - 350-Lb. Capacity, Model# S-ATV

King KutterATV Spreader350 lbs.
Not Rated

Different Terms for the Same Piece of Lawn Care Equipment

When you reference an ATV spreader then, you may be specifically referring to a seed spreader, a fertilizer spreader or even a broadcast spreader. An ATV drop spreader is yet another kind of spreader and is different than a broadcast spreader in its distribution of materials.

The drop spreader, as the name suggests, drops the lawn substance between the spreader’s wheels while a broadcast spreader distributes weed killer, fertilizer or seeds over a large expense, from both the front and sides of the equipment in the form of an arc.

An ATV seed spreader covers a larger area in a quicker amount of time while an ATV drop spreader features a precision application that is slower in output and speed. As a result, a drop seed spreader allows the operator to have more control over the area of the yard or garden where he wishes to apply the lawn care materials. For example, using the drop spreader will help you avoid mistakenly planting grass seed in an adjacent flowerbed.

Because the drop spreader limits seed distribution, make sure you overlap the wheel marks in the grass when you are using the equipment.

Always add lawn care materials to a spreader when it is sitting on concrete versus a grassy area to prevent spillage of too much of the product on a single area. Otherwise, you can damage the lawn.

The ATV Pull Behind Design

An ATV spreader or pull behind spreader is designed to cover a large area of ground as it is constructed to be pulled by either a tractor or an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). The equipment is a size larger than push unit styles.

Therefore, the ATV type spreader is an ideal broadcasting choice for covering such areas as meadows, athletic fields and sizable lawns. Before specific product reviews can be made with respect to brand spreaders though, it is helpful to focus on the key amenities of the ATV seed spreader equipment. If you are planning to invest money in a pull - behind spreader, look for such attributes as:

  • Resilience – make sure the cart’s frame is durable enough to handle the spreader weight without signs of buckling.
  • Ease of Operation – The seeder should be made so that seeds can easily flow though the equipment.
  • Hopper Durability – The hopper should be made with a resin or plastic that can withstand the weight of the seed that it holds.
  • Easy Hook-up – The spreader should be designed so it can be easily hooked up to an ATV or tractor.
  • Ease of Maneuverability – The spreader should be built for easy maneuverability. In other words, you should be able to pull the conveyance without any difficulty.
  • Wide Tires with Lawn - friendly Treads – The tires should be wide enough to hold the seed without leaving deep tire impressions on the ground’s surface.

By keeping those basic amenities in mind, you can better decide on what type of spreader to eventually buy.

Amazon Spreader Reviews

Reviews on give four and five-star ratings to a number of ATV spreaders. To make the comparisons fair, the following products are each represented by a different brand and each has individualistic characteristics, thereby making the following spreaders geared toward varying preferences.

Top pull behind ATV spreader brands include Earthway Products, Agri-Fab and Brinley. Any of these brands support a product line of broadcasters and lawn care products that regularly obtain 4 and 5 star reviews on

Three of The Best ATV Pull Behind Spreaders

Earthway Products Tow-behind Ev-N-Spred Tow-Behind Broadcast Speader #2170-T

This pull behind spreader is a good choice for anyone who needs a spreader for a large residential yard. The Ev-N-Spred three-hole drop system of this spreader ensures an equal distribution of granular material or grass seed. The pull behind spreader, which features a spreading width of up to 12 feet, comes with two 13-inch pneumatic tires and load capacity of 100 pounds.

The approximately 25-pound ATV spreader is sturdy, given its anti-corrosive steel frame. The hopper screen on the device efficiently breaks down clumps of fertilizer material while the flow control handle is calibrated to permit varying spread widths up to the already mentioned 12 feet.

If you need a high-quality type spreader but do not require the additional "bells and whistles", then his spreader is made for you. Expect to pay around $200 for this high-quality brand spreader.

Agri-fab 45-0463 SmartSPREADER

Another top selection, the Agri-fab brand model 45-0463 SmartSPREADER is one of Agri-fab’s Smart series designs. The spreader can hold as much as 130 pounds of grass seed, fertilizers or herbicides. The user-friendly knob provides a precision application while the spring on/off lever enables better operator control. The spreader’s extra large capacity cuts down on refill time.

Brinly AS-40BH Tow Behind Combination Aerator Spreader

A third top selection, the AS-40BH Tow Behind Aerator and Spreader by Brinly makes it possible for gardeners and landscapers to easily spread grass seed or fertilizer and aerate the soil at the same time.

The heavy duty steel hopper on the device can hold as much as 20 pounds of seed or granular material. Because of the spreader’s sizable capacity, the tow behind requires fewer refills. The galvanized tine stars on the spreader not only inhibit rust but can penetrate compacted soil up to two inches.

Questions to Consider

When making a purchase decision for a spreader, you will also need to ask the following questions before making a final purchase.

  • What part of the yard will the spreader be used?
  • How often will the equipment be used?
  • Is the spreader designed to be rust-resistant?
  • What materials will be broadcast?
  • What do other customers have to say about the equipment?

Are You Ready to Decide?

Making an informed decision means doing a bit of due diligence online. Answer the above questions to help you decide on a spreader as well. Read the customer testimonials on the Amazon. Make sure you buy a spreader that specifically meets your landscaping and gardening needs.

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