Is Vigoro Fertilizer As Good As Scotts?

Fertilizer and lawn care products have become a multimillion dollar industry. There are several reputable companies producing products specifically designed to help maintain and beautify lawns and recreational areas. Two of the most common products are Vigoro fertilizer and Scotts. Both are well known and have a reputation for being consistent in the results they produce. Each fertilizer has strengths and weaknesses and must be weighed against one another on their own merit.

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Cost to Use

When it comes to choosing the right fertilizer, cost is extremely important. Considering the fact that most homeowners apply fertilizer two, three and sometimes, four times per year, the cost can be quite overwhelming. For homeowners with exceptionally large lawns, buying expensive fertilizer may not be cost effective. In that case, choosing a fertilizer that has a good reputation and is cost effective as well, is a win win situation. Vigoro fertilizer is much less expensive than Scotts brand products and is more cost efficient on large lawns. Vigoro Super Green increases grass growth in a limited amount of space maximizing its cost benefit.

Ease of Use

Both Scotts fertilizer and Vigoro work in much the same way and are applied in the same way as well. The ground must be adequately prepared. Any debris or obstacles must be picked up and a thin layer of compost or peat moss should be added to help enhance the products’ benefits. Rake the area and apply the seed and fertilizer. Cover with an ample amount of straw and wet down the area thoroughly.

Customer Service

Both Scotts and Vigoro have customer service departments. The main difference in this respect is that Scotts handles all of its own customer service issues. Vigoro, on the other hand, does not have its own system for answering complaints or receiving feedback. Instead, their phone calls are sent directly to the Home Depot main office where all of the questions can be answered by professional staff. Scotts offers a money back guarantee to individuals who call in to ask about products and what their advantages are.


Among Home Depot customers only 50 percent gave Vigoro fertilizer a positive rating. Scotts, garnered close to an 80 percent positive rating.. For the most part, both types of product work extremely well. Customers who have tried both types of fertilizer claim that the Scotts brand products produced greener, thicker grass in a much shorter period of time than the Vigoro brand. One of the most common complaints when customers used the Vigoro grass fertilizer, was the product’s inability to return year after year. This was attributed to the amount of annual rye grass included in the mixture. Scotts, on the other hand, excludes annual types of grass seed and focuses primarily on perennial types of seed that returns year after year.


Before a grass seed or fertilizer is chosen, key factors will determine what type is purchased. A few of the things to consider include:

  • How much of the lawn is covered by shade
  • How much time is the yard in direct sunlight
  • How much foot traffic will the lawn have to withstand on a regular basis
  • Will pets be allowed to run and play on the grass, and if so, for how long each day

When each of these points have been looked into, a wise, cost effective decision can be made. Buying an expensive fertilizer will do no good if the conditions are not right for its use. Knowing the lawn and what a fertilizer is capable of is imperative if the products are expected to achieve maximum results.

The choice between Vigoro fertilizer and similar Scotts brand products is a personal one. Both are adequately suited to serve their intended purpose. Both are also highly reputable and have supporters that will continue to use them because of the results they have achieved in the past. Again, this is mainly dependent on the environmental factors such as soil type, amount of shade, climate and level of rain received during each growing season.

The main difference appears in the price of the products with the Scotts brand fertilizer costing significantly more than its Vigoro counterpart. Homeowners who choose to do their homework can find the right product to fit their needs and still save a little money in the process.

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