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Jonathan Green 10870 Full Sun Grass Seed Mixture Review

Too often, grass in bright, sunny areas quickly grows straggly, looks sickly, turns yellow or brown, and generally fails to thrive. When the goal is golf-course green, ragged and rust-colored is not so great, right? Well, your problems may be over, because Jonathan Green 10870 Full Sun Grass Seed Mixture is formulated specifically for those tough-to-grow full sun areas.

Most people think a lawn is a lawn is a lawn, but unfortunately that’s not true. Grass varieties not suited to bright, sunny, hot growing conditions tend to do poorly no matter how much you water or fertilize them. In fact, when lawns start to wimp out, many people tend to overwater and overfertilize in hopes of compensating, which just makes the problem worse! Instead, use a grass seed mix meant to stand up to Mr. Sun. So let’s take a closer look at Jonathan Green 10870 Full Sun Grass Seed Mixture’s features.


  • Formulated for bright, full sun
  • Will not thin out even in the most stressful sunny growing conditions
  • Using endophytic properties, meaning bacterial or fungal symbiosis, to fight off pests
  • Works well for bright south-facing slopes
  • Comes in a 25-pound bag


To customers outside the U.S. looking for that full-sun answer, good news! This product does ship to select countries, so make sure to find out if yours is on the list. Other awesome aspects of Jonathan Green 10870 Full Sun Grass Seed Mixture include:

  • Lasts well over long periods of time
  • Does not require frequent reseeding like some grass varieties do
  • Fights off insects and other pests more easily than some varieties
  • Ships right to your door

Perhaps best of all, growing this grass is relatively foolproof. As long as you know how to pay attention to watering and fertilization schedules, and plant in the full-sun areas for which this seed mix was formulated, you should have a beautiful lawn year-round.


For the most part, if you’ve got a sunny stretch you want to cover, there aren’t many cons to this product. However, keep in mind that most grasses prefer either sun or shade, not both. While some formulations might do well in dappled light, this grass will not be happy if you try to plant it in full shade, so don’t waste your money in that way. Other possible cons include:

  • You’ll need to switch up your watering schedule for cooler, less sunny seasons to avoid overwatering and possible fungal infections
  • May still need heavy watering during hot months
  • Can still succumb to other stressors, such as overfertilization, which burns grasses, or watering, which drowns them, so always follow care instructions


To sum up, if you’re looking for a beefy, beautiful green lawn even on south-facing slopes or in super-sunny areas where previous grass varieties have disappointed you, this is it. Now it’s our turn to get some information instead of giving it: What do you think? Would you buy it? Has this grass mix worked for you in past? Let us know in the comments below!

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