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Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed Review

Sure, anyone who’s got great sunlight, loamy soil, good water penetration and no pests can grow a beautiful lawn. But if you have clay or sandy soil, dappled or partial shade, and intermittent insect problems, times might be a little tougher for you and your lawn.

Well, no worries. Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed seeks to solve all those problems with a high-quality seed mix that germinates quickly, fights pests, grows in tougher soil conditions and works well for filling in damaged or bare patches of lawn. Of course, you’ll want to know the pros and cons as well as hear what others are saying before you buy, which is where this review comes in.


Black Beauty combines several types of grass to form a balanced, lovely mix that works well for full lawn coverage as well as for filling in bare spots without creating that bright green patchy effect. This is due to the Kentucky Bluegrass seeds, which lend a darker cast. Other features include:

  • 7 pounds of seed mix in one bag
  • 30 percent Dakota Fescue, 30 percent Taos Tall Fescue, 10 percent Blue-tastic Kentucky Bluegrass, 10 percent Frontier Perennial Ryegrass
  • Works for clay and sandy soils
  • Grows in full sun or partial shade
  • Natural bone meal blend encourages healthy growth and good establishment
  • Covers 2,800 square feet per bag
  • Is composed of insect-resistant grass

So what do its fans have to say?


Some customers claim that this is the best grass seed on the market, covering bare patches quickly and germinating so fast that even thunderstorms can’t wash seeds away. Other purported benefits include:

  • Grass is lush and green
  • Grows thickly and beautifully with little effort aside from watering and perhaps some fertilizer
  • Works well for large spaces as well as small in-between spaces or patches that need infilling
  • Is beautiful in the cool-season areas for which it is recommended
  • Great winter green color with early seeding in September or October
  • Very quickly growing grass that germinates and sprouts in under a week
  • Will return after the hot summer months, even when other grass dies due to heat stress, dog urine and other factors


A few customers complained about the lack of service from the seed supplier as well as a poor germination rate. Other complaints included:

  • The grass seed was old or damaged
  • Even with lawn fertilizer, grass did not germinate
  • Grass that did germinate never grew tall enough to mow

Most customers, however, did not experience these disappointing results and were very happy with the product.

What Do Customers Have to Say?

Do your soil prep and crunch the numbers for your working lawn area, keep it moist and you'll be satisfied with the EXTREMELY NICE emerald-green results. Worth the price. I planted a small in-between space this past fall and it looks terrific. I can't wait to plant a larger lawn area this spring. 100% satisfied...Gordon M. Wagner – Read the Full Review on Amazon

I am very impressed with this product! I scorched my lawn with weed and feed weeks ago and once I pulled all the dead grass out I threw down some topsoil along with this seed and it has taken off. Within a weeks' time new grass is sprouting everywhere and I didn't even put groundcover down...Jayham66 – Read the Full Review on Amazon

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So now that you’ve got the full scoop on Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed, what are your thoughts? Is this the kind of seed mix you would use in your yard? Have you already used it and want to leave your own review? Got questions? Use the comment box below to chime in!

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