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Jonathan Green and Sons Drought Tough Grass Seed Review

Living in areas that are prone to drought conditions can make it difficult to keep lawns and grassy areas green and looking their best. Watering daily can be difficult, especially in the summer months when water conservation is mandated. Planting the right type of grass seed can help to solve many of those problems.Jonathan Green & Sons Drought Tough Grass Seed offers a solution with a unique mix of Kentucky bluegrass, tall Fescues and perennial ryegrass, This combination offers consistent growth, uniform color and maximum coverage under optimum conditions.


Jonathan Green Drought Tough Grass Seed is formulated to minimize damage from insects and rodents, while producing a lush, thick lawn. A deep root system is able to draw water from far beneath the ground surface, allowing grass to remain green and thick, even on the hottest, driest of summer days. This particular mix comes in a variety of sizes to seed entire lawns or retouch thinning areas that have appeared due to high levels of traffic or damage from accidents.

This type of grass seed maintains its resiliency in extreme weather conditions related to high temperatures and drought conditions. It is an excellent choice for high traffic areas such as playgrounds and recreational areas where watering on a regular basis can be difficult. It will retain its color even through the driest of days as long as it is carefully maintained and kept trim.


Jonathan Green & Sons Drought Tough Grass Seed is ideal for areas where precipitation isn’t always guaranteed. It offers many benefits that make it an ideal choice for homeowners who want a thick, green yard on a year round basis. They include:

  • Unique blend of turf-type, tall Fescue grasses, hardy Kentucky bluegrass and resilient perennial ryegrass
  • The 7 pound bag offers adequate coverage for a 1,200 square foot area
  • Root system that penetrates deep into the ground maximizing water availability that keeps grass looking fresh
  • Specially blended to reduce the risk of damage caused by insect and rodents

Easy to apply and will grow with little prompting if the soil has been adequately prepared. Because of its ability to thrive with limited resources, it also requires less fertilizer than other types of grass seed.


This type of grass seed is an ideal choice for areas where their is minimal rainfall. However, to achieve full coverage, the soil must be adequately prepared through tilling and watering, to make sure the seeds can achieve an appropriate depth. Seeds must receive adequate amounts of water in order to take hold or bare spots may present themselves.

For the deep root system to remain effective, the grass must be kept from 2 to 4 inches in height. Keeping the yard adequately trimmed helps to minimize water usage and prevent overgrowth. While drought mix is effective when little rain is available, it still must receive a minimum amount of hydration through occasional watering. It will continue to thrive as long as water levels in the soil are adequate to sustain its growth.


Jonathan Green & Sons are a highly reputable company that produces products with a consistently high customer satisfaction rating. The Drought Tough grass seed blend is an excellent choice for areas that occasionally experience high levels of heat and drought conditions. The deep network of roots protects the grass from excessive water loss due to evaporation and lack of rain.

With a modest amount of maintenance, Drought Tough Grass Seed can produce a lawn that is thick and full. Uniform color and texture makes it a wonderful ground cover that can be used in lawns, play areas and almost anywhere children and pets spend their time.

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