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Outsidepride Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Review

One of the most common grass seeds on the market is the “midnight” variety. It tends to be very versatile, but is known for being exceptionally good for yards and open areas with full sun. This makes it a perfect choice for playing fields, golf courses, large parks and play grounds. Kentucky bluegrass varieties that bear the “midnight” name are a darker hue than most other grasses and tend to grow extremely thick and close together, making their intense color seem even darker.


Outside Pride Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed has many features that make it a popular choice when it comes to seeding large areas of land. They include:

  • The seed is easy to establish
  • Quick to germinate and produce viable seedlings
  • Tolerant to extremely cold temperatures
  • A popular perennial variety that returns year after year

This type of seed is guaranteed to produce effective and sufficient ground cover in a timely fashion. With moderate care, it will grow in almost any climate as long as it gets ample sun and the necessary amount of water required to sustain its growth. Outside Pride offers a money back, satisfaction guarantee on all its products as long as the instructions were followed and the seed was used as it was intended.


Midnight varieties of Kentucky bluegrass are well adapted to high traffic areas. They make excellent ground cover for play grounds or lawns where children and pets frequently play. It is well suited for moderate to high levels of wheeled traffic as well, such as golf carts, golf bags, strollers, etc. Its uniform growth prevents tracking and paths from being formed in areas where traffic is extremely high. Outside Pride Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed grows in extremely thick and has the capability of crowding out most types of weeds. This produces a thick, plush carpeting of grass that has a soft cushiony fell when it is walked on. The thickness of the grass can cause thatch to build up over time. Using a lawn rake to collect grass clippings is an excellent way to keep this type of lawn looking good and well maintained.

Midnight varieties of grass have a very deep root system that allows it to draw water and nutrients from far below the surface of the soil. This trait allows it to be extremely drought resistant and helps it to maintain its green color even if there is little rainfall. With proper maintenance, however, a rich green color can be kept throughout an entire season.


One of the biggest disadvantages to this product, is a plus for other customers. Outside Pride Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed needs full sun to thrive. It tends to fade and die away causing large brown patches and bare spots in areas where there is more shade than actual sunlight. Mixing this seed with one that is well adapted to shade is a possibility, but the vast color differences between the two varieties may cause it to look spotty and unattractive.

Another area where complaints seem to be abundant is the excessive growth of weeds after each application. This may be due to the type of soil the seed is being used to cover. Exceptionally hard, clay-like soils may require tilling to break up the top layers of dirt that give the seed a more accommodating place to germinate and become established. The problem with tilling is that it tends to bring weed seeds to the surface.


For yards and large open areas with ample amounts of full sunlight, Outside Pride Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed works well and produces a hardy, extremely resilient ground cover. With few negative reviews, it is often recommended by customers who have used the product and received good results.

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