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Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed Shady Blend Review

Almost every lawn or yard area has some degree of shade. The key is finding a grass seed blend that works well in shade that won’t get damaged in full, direct sunlight. Most of the grass seeds that are available for partial shade need a higher degree of maintenance than other blends. Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed Shady Blend is formulated to thrive in areas with low sunlight and grow without constant supervision and maintenance.


There are several features to this seed that makes it appealing to most homeowners. A small five pound bag will cover approximately 800 square feet. It works best in areas that have at least 6 or more hours of partial sun to densely shaded areas. It is mixed with seeds that germinate quickly and begin to establish a dense root bed in just a few days’ time. Although it does need a little extra attention when it is first planted, one of the benefits of this seed is that once it is established, it needs little care or maintenance.

For a dense shade mix, it produces a thick, green lawn with an extremely deep root system that allows it to be drought tolerant as well as a major help when it comes to erosion control. The thickness of the root bed, keeps the grass firmly rooted and makes it an excellent choice for yards where children and pets often play.


Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed Shady Blend is extremely easy to spread and will work with most distribution systems. Because of its deeply bedded root system, it does not need excessive amounts of water to thrive. It draws water from sources deep under the ground’s surface, absorbing other natural nutrients as well. Once the grass has germinated and begins to establish itself, it will start to spread evenly. Within a few weeks, coverage of the surrounding area should be complete.

Pearl’s is known for excellent customer service. Many of the homeowners who have submitted reviews about the product make the claim that after calling in and talking to a customer service representative, they were completely satisfied with the experience and the rep was informative and helpful in every way.


In the reviews, there were several generalized negative comments. Most had to do with the overall cost of the product. With a small 5 pound bag only covering 800 square feet, they felt the price was extremely excessive for the amount of coverage.

Another complaint had to do with the seed’s ability to grow and thrive in certain regions. Areas with extremely hard or clay-like soils made it difficult for the grass seed to establish an effective root bed, therefore it was unable to live up to many of its claimed expectations. With proper preparation (tilling, watering and raking), the grass seed was able to achieve minimal to modest results.

One of the most common complaints had to do with the excessive amount of weeds that the seed produced. This may be from the preparation of the ground due to the fact that tilling the soil will bring weed seeds to the surface. However it was a common problem with all users who had tried the product.


For homeowners who desired a thick, green lawn that was full and plush in both shade and direct sun, Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed Shady Blend was the best option. Aside from the extra cost, the product was regarded as a good investment. The fact that it requires little maintenance once it becomes established is one positively one of the determining factors for customers who claimed they would purchase the product in the future.

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