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Pennington Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch Review

Researchers who were looking for a good quality turf discovered zenith zoysia as a good seed producer. Through extensive study, Zenith became one of the first true seeded hybrid zoysia grasses. Zenith seed originated from three selected parent clones that were carefully observed and tested for desirable traits such as drought tolerance, insect and disease resistance, good color quality and many more. These proven characteristics contributed to a higher quality turf compared to other zoysia seeds. Pennington, one of the industry leaders in the grass seed business, came up with their very own version of zenith zoysia grass. The Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed & Mulch is one of the company’s bestselling grass seed in the market today.


The Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch by Penninton is a combination of zenith zoysia grass seed and BIO-170™ natural mulch. This self-spreading grass grows well in full sun, stays green in the fall, and remains tolerant during cold season. It is well adapted to shade and drought besides being highly flexible to traffic. The BIO-170™ natural mulch contributes to spreadability for a more accurate application. This natural much granules are 100% biodegradable so it decomposes back into the environment without causing harm.

This Grass Seed & Mulch mixture is Penkoted® for seedling protection. Pennington developed the Penkoted® Seed Technology in the 1960s to protect each seed while in the ground and support their growth into mature plants. The product is also 99.9% weed free. Over time its dense turf chokes out weeds and crabgrass. Germination takes place between 7 to 21 days. Coverage rate for one bag of the mixture is provided in the package. For initial seeding, prepare the soil and spread the seed then lightly rake the seedbed to cover seed and mulch not more than ¼ deep. Keep the seedbed moist all the time by watering daily for a month. For care and maintenance, fertilization is best advised in early spring. When established, you can water weekly to achieve best appearance.


The Pennington Zenith Zoysia Seed got many positive reviews in Amazon. Most customers who bought the mix were very happy with the result. Their lawn grew thick with the grass creeping in adjacent areas. Runners and new sprigs sprouted everywhere and not a weed was in sight. The grass is very resilient too and highly resistant to drought. Homeowners who had their first experiment with zoysia seed mix claimed the product did not disappoint them. After 12 days, the grass started growing nicely, spreading evenly across the area.


In every product review, there’s always a negative side to it. Some customers were very disappointed with Pennington’s Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed Mix because it didn’t provide them with the desired result. One customer reported to have followed product instructions to a tee yet only got a few blades of grass after a few weeks. Another one complained the same thing and that his yard has become a muddy mess after watering daily with no grass in sight. Others found the seed mix too costly and wished they should have opted for better alternatives.


While not all people are happy with the product, there is a good chance you can establish a lawn using the Pennington Zenith Zoysia Seed. Just follow the right planting schedule, prepare your soil prior to seeding, and water the seeds as instructed so you can achieve a thick turf. Like all good lawn grasses, zenith zoysia has to be mown according to feeding schedule to attain a good appearance. In Amazon, majority of customers who have bought the item gave the product good reviews. This means that if they can do it so can you.

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