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Scotts EZ Seed – Sun and Shade Review

Scotts EZ Grass Seed Summary

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  • Grows virtually anywhere
  • Holds up to 6x its weight in water
  • Perfect for fast grow in bare spots
  • Can be used on ryegrass, fescue and bluegrass lawns

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Final Verdict:

As with any kind of seed product, certain conditions must be present to enhance seed growth. The Scotts EZ Seed requires continuous moisture and warm soil temperature for good germination results. It should also be sparsely applied to a depth of around 1/16” or 1/8” over the prepared area. Make sure not to apply weed control on newly seeded areas as this can inhibit germination of the seed. All these conditions must be met for best results. Since lawn conditions are quite different for every customer, not everyone is likely to achieve success. But with the right circumstances, this product is worth the extra dollar. It wouldn’t be an Amazon bestseller for nothing.

Final Editor Rating:


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