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Scotts Turf Builder Dense Shade Seed Mix for Tall Fescue Lawns Review

Scotts Turf Builder Dense Shade Tall Fescue Mix Grass Seed Summary

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  • Absorbs and retains twice the amount of water than other types of grass seed
  • Flourishes in as little as 3 hours of sunlight
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Over 99% weed free
  • Includes the WaterSmart PLUS coating that preserves water and offers protection from insects

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Final Verdict:

As with all other products, Scotts Turf Builder Dense Shade Mix for Tall Fescue Lawns comes with a money back guarantee. It produces excellent ground coverage in temperate conditions. It is comprised of a hardy mix of both Fescue and ryegrass seeds and works extremely well in the southeastern states. It’s growth cycle is consistent unless it is planted farther north than its optimum growing area.

With adequate soil preparation, the seed will take hold and thrive in minimal sunlight. The seed also has the WaterSmart Plus coating that helps to prevent insect infestation and withstand drought like conditions. It has excellent water absorption and retention, making it a good choice for areas where precipitation varies with the seasons.

Fescue grass types are extremely hardy and can withstand heavy traffic, both from people constantly walking and vehicles that travel over it. For densely shaded areas, it offers maximum coverage with minimal effort. The results that customers discuss in their reviews, portray the product as one with good potential for growth and few drawbacks.

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