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Scotts Turf Builder High Traffic Grass Seed Review

Scotts Turf Builder High Traffic Grass Seed Mix is formulated to be extremely hardy and resilient. It is an excellent choice for use on playgrounds, golf courses, recreational areas and anywhere foot traffic and the use of lawn and garden vehicles is extensive. Areas that are expected to have extremely high volumes of foot traffic can become susceptible to paths being worn in specific areas. Those areas need a grass that is extremely durable and has a resiliency that allows it to maintain its structure and integrity in a variety of climates and conditions.


All of Scotts Turf Builder products carry a money back guarantee that ensures customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. Scotts Turf Builder High Traffic Grass Seed is treated with WaterSmart PLUS that protects it from insect damage as well as allows each seed to absorb and retain as much as twice the amount as other brands. This means that it is well suited for areas where rain fall is sporadic. Watering once a week is ideal when rainfall drops to drought levels. High Traffic Grass Seed mix produces uniform color and coverage with minimal care. Reseeding is mainly needed in areas where paths have developed from constant foot or vehicle traffic.


Scotts Turf Builder High Traffic Grass Seed offers a wide variety of benefits and flourishes in the norther tier states. Benefits include:

  • Grows quickly and produces thick, optimal coverage
  • Has WaterSmart PLUS protection against insects and drought conditions
  • Resists breakage when planted in areas where there is excessive traffic
  • Ideal for yards and playgrounds where children and pets play
  • Requires minimal maintenance when exposed to the proper growing conditions
  • Spreads quickly and consistently

When used with a broadcast spreader, this grass seed is easily applied to large areas or along high traffic corridors. A hand spreader can be used if re-seeding is necessary along pathways and in areas where weak spots have formed.


High traffic, especially from hard wheels from golf bags and heavy carts can break down root systems and lead to thin areas that may need to be re-seeded where paths have been created. It is important to reduce the amount of traffic where re-seeding has taken place to allow seedlings to take hold and begin to grow.

Proper preparation is needed for the seed to take root and become established. During this time, excessive traffic can reduce the seeds effectiveness. It is wise to keep people, pets and small vehicles off of the lawn immediately after seeding to prevent seed loss and avoid hampering the mix’s initial growth.

Customers have reported that this type of seed does not cover as much ground as the manufacturer claims. In some cases, consumers reported that to get adequate coverage and growth, the seed had to be applied at almost twice the amount of the packages’ recommendations. After growth was established, however, the grass seemed to grow consistently and in accordance with package claims.


High traffic areas for the seed that is capable of withstanding an excessive amount of activity. While those homeowners choosing this type of grass seed may experience mild to moderate difficulty in getting the seed started, once it becomes established, it has proven itself to be quite effective. It is able to grow and remain viable in a variety of weather conditions, including those that present themselves in states that have harsh winters and hot summers.

With proper maintenance this type of seed produces thick coverage that remains uniform in color through most weather conditions. It produces a beautiful lawn that will continue to provide a nice foundation for both children and pets to enjoy.

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