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Scotts Turf Builder Perennial Rye Grass Seed Mix Bag Review

Scotts Turf Builder Perennial Rye Grass Seed Mix is formulated to thrive in almost any type of weather with minimal to moderate care. Rye grass is extremely hardy and produces a dark green carpet of lush, thick grass. It tends to grow well in areas where moderate amounts of sunshine are present through the majority of the day. It has proven to be consistent through the heat of summer as well as in areas where winters tend to be harsh and unrelenting. With proper maintenance, this grass seed mix will continue to thrive even when it is given little care other than just mowing and trimming.


The mix includes varieties of rye grass that are blended together to provide the most consistent growth and ground cover possible. It is treated with WaterSmart PLUS which helps it to absorb and retain almost twice as much water as other varieties. It works well when planted in areas where erosion is a problem. Its intense root bed prevents soil erosion and helps to keep soil from shifting or being carried away by both wind and rain. It roots easily without excessive watering and grows rather quickly. A lawn that has been planted with this seed can grow to full coverage in a few months time, providing a beautiful green carpet that is resistant to most insects and excessive weed growth.


  • Seeds easily with minimal watering
  • Grows quickly and begins to spread in a matter of days
  • Absorbs and retains twice as much water as other types of seeds
  • WaterSmart PLUS not only benefits with water retention but helps to prevent insect infestation and damage
  • Provides uniform color and coverage for a lawn that is beautiful year round
  • Minimal to moderate maintenance

Scotts Turf Builder Perennial Rye Grass Seed Mix is ideal for conditions in many areas of the country. While extremely cold temperatures may force it into dormancy, it recovers well and continues to grow even after an harsh winter.


One of the biggest problem with this and other types of grass seed is the preparation that needs to take place before planting. Each type of grass seed must have almost perfect conditions before it can take hold and begin to thrive. The right temperature, the right amount of tillage and water are all necessary. In some areas, this seed has been known to produce minimal to modest growth in areas leaving patches where seed did not begin to grow right away. Re-seeding may be needed two to three times to provide adequate coverage. Once established, however, it will grow rapidly and continue to thicken and eventually, result in complete coverage.

Depending on the type of soil where the seed is to be used, growth may be inconsistent. Adding a thin layer of fill dirt and tilling thoroughly may help the seed to grow and root more quickly. It may take several applications if the soil is not adequately suited to host this type of seed.


Scotts Turf Builder Perennial Rye Grass Seed Mix works well overall and will create a beautiful lawn when given adequate time and proper conditions for planting and growth. It provides a full, thick coverage and uniform color when exposed to the most beneficial growing conditions. With proper maintenance and care, this type of seed will grow well in a variety of conditions from intense heat to moderate periods of extreme cold. All in all, this is an excellent choice for homeowners who want a lawn that remains beautiful year round and is tolerant of moderate to high levels of traffic.

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