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Solo 421S 20-Pound Capacity Portable Spreader Review

This Solo brand portable spreader is slightly heavier than hand spreaders equipped with a nylon bag, but it works extremely well and tends to get great reviews by many of the homeowners and landscapers who use it on a regular basis. It is extremely durable and can be used to spread a variety of different materials. It also comes with a money back guarantee if the customer isn’t completely happy with the product.


The Solo 421S 20-Pound Capacity Portable Spreader has a variety of features that make it will worth the price. They include:

  • Fingertip levers that are designed to control both direction and volume
  • A completely enclosed gear box that prevents clumping and keeps seed and other materials from becoming lodged inside the mechanism
  • Agitator is resistant to corrosion
  • Easy to clean and fill
  • Enclosed 20 pound hopper designed to keep out contaminants and debris that can clog the mechanisms
  • Comfortable cross shoulder strap designed for maximum comfort and support

This is one of the few hand held, portable spreader/seeders on the market with a self-contained, enclosed hopper. It’s ability to hold 20 pounds of products makes it capable of carrying enough seed to cover several hundred square feet at one time without having to refill it.


The majority of customers who purchased the Solo portable spreader were extremely happy with its performance. One of the most popular features of the spreader was that cranking speed determined the spreading distance of the material being distributed. The faster the crank is turned, the farther the seed is thrown. While this can be an inefficient way of distributing certain types of materials, for those who have become proficient with the technique, it can be quite effective.

Many users claim that the Solo spreader did not clog or jam like other spreaders that had open hoppers or vinyl bags. Whether this is due to the closed hopper preventing excess moisture from entering the material or whether it is due to better manufacturing and design is anyone’s guess. Its ability to function without clogging makes it much easier to use than other models that must constantly cleaned in an attempt to keep the product flowing.

Several customers were impressed with the Solo portable spreader’s ability to cover small areas quickly and efficiently with little fuss and minimal clean up. It could be filled, used, cleaned and put away in a matter of minutes, compared to other spreaders that were bigger and bulkier.


A few of the negative complaints had to do with certain materials not feeding well through the gearbox. In some cases, the material would tend to clump or become lodged within the mechanism, hindering the distribution process. This type of problem was normally reported when the user had tried to spread materials that were sticky or clumpy when filling the hopper. Some types of coated grass seeds and fertilizers can be somewhat sticky, causing them to clump together. When the clumps enter the mechanism, they can literally begin to build up along the sides and eventually clog the opening halting the flow of the material through the gearbox.

Because of the large plastic hopper, the unit may sit awkwardly against the body depending on the person’s physical size and build. The large hopper can also make it extremely difficult to clean.


While most of the reviews for the Solo portable spreader were positive, the customers who offered negative reviews did have valid points, especially where issues with the hopper were concerned. The fact that the hopper is enclosed can be both detrimental and beneficial depending on whose viewpoint you are looking at. The product has an overall positive rating and many customers claim they would buy it again if they had the choice.

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