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TriPro Annual Ryegrass Seed Review

Ryegrass may not be the prettiest or the most durable on the market, but TriPro Annual Ryegrass Seed gives an honest effort for a single season. People who need temporary grass coverage can rely on this seed to help them accomplish their goals.


TriPro Annual Ryegrass Seed is formulated for easy distribution. It doesn’t clump up or block the spreader mechanism. Once planted, the seed establishes itself rather quickly producing a dark green carpet of thick-bladed grass. It works best when used for seasonal lawns. It normally dies off by the end of fall and will not appear again the following year, like perennial forms of grass seed.

This grass seed makes an ideal for choice when a quick fix is needed. Although it doesn’t return year after year, it does the job for the short time that it is in use. It spreads easily and works well with most broadcast and drop spreaders. One of the most positive features was that it germinated quickly and took hold almost immediately as long as it had enough water to keep it thoroughly hydrated.


TriPro Annual Ryegrass Seed offers several benefits, including:

  • Grows well in both shade and sunlight
  • Works well for over seeding
  • Fast germination and growth patterns
  • A 25 pound bag covers approximately 2,500 square feet

Several customers who have reviewed the product are happy with the coverage, but not so pleased with how the grass looks. Because it is mostly used as a seasonal grass, many people are not normally concerned with its looks. It will grow almost anywhere but needs extra care when planted in certain regions.


Several reviews provide negative ratings when it comes to specific areas. As stated before, it is ideal for temporary, quick fixes. There are other drawbacks to this type of seed, a few of which are quite influential.

  • Poor heat tolerance
  • Poor color, ranging from a dark olive green to a khaki green
  • Needs excessive amounts of water and fertilizer no matter what region it is used in

Customers who have used the product claim their decision as to whether or not they will purchase the product in the future had to do with its poor tolerance for extreme temperatures and the number of times they had to water and fertilize their lawn. When the grass begins to grow, water is needed on almost a daily basis to prevent it from turning brown and beginning to die away.

The poor color and quality of the grass itself was also a deterrent. For individuals who were just covering a small area of ground without concern for how the particular plot of land looked, this grass seed worked fine for their needs. Others however, who were trying to establish a small area of grass, immediately realized it was not hardy at all and did little to improve the looks of the area. Not to mention the fact hat it needed almost constant watering to maintain its green appearance.


TriPro Annual Ryegrass Seed is a fair choice for over seeding lawns and plots of land that are to be maintained for a single season or on a temporary basis. The amount of maintenance this grass needs to be kept green and looking nice is more than average. Even with the extra care, the resulting grass will not be overly attractive no matter how much attention it receives. The one thing that can be said this type of seed is that it does germinate and cover quickly. So if you want quick coverage this will work in a pinch.

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